School’s Out Forever

I can still remember Alice Cooper belting out our class song back in 1972. It was just for a week and then the uppity ups in student council changed it to some Beatle’s song. Now it’s appropriate for a different set of students and a different type of school. Wilson Middle School in Wyandotte has delivered a school that will be “Out Forever”, a school of Chinook salmon. Wilson Middle School is the only middle school in Wayne County to sponsor this program with coordinator Mr. White and everyday members Jeana Claxton, Sabrina Kettler, Sydney Murphy, Jason Niebrzydowski, and Endri Kambo.

Mr. White has brought “Salmon in the Classroom” to Wilson Middle School. In 1997 the Salmon in the Classroom project was started. Salmon in the classroom is not just another science activity but a very interactive participatory program in which students raise the resource and ultimately are responsible for its survival and release.

Mr. White says “We strive to add activities that will enable us to better teach students about Michigan’s fisheries resources and Great lakes issues. As scientists, we have created the important messages we need to reconnect our children to the great outdoors. Together, we can develop and nurture the next generation of stewards and anglers.

About 2 years ago Mr. White was contacted by Jerry Sickon from the Huron Valley Sportfishing Club and PLAV sausage proclivity. Together they got all permits from the state and the equipment for raising the fish from eggs to smolts to young fish. The tank must be cooled to the temperature the fish need and the water quality needs to be checked frequently to give the fish a great environment to grow. The group received their eggs on December 8th from the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery and have put a lot of effort in raising 75 four inch long fish.

The day of reckoning came last week and all the fish were set free in the Huron River somewhere near Flatrock. Hopefully, Tom Cunningham and his cohorts were there to protect the plantings from the cormorants. It will be interesting to see how many fish survive and come back in 3 years. Even though the school is out they will get the urge to spawn and return to the river of their planting. Good luck class of 2012.

Get Outdoors Downriver.

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