Extreme Fishing Challenge? Oh Robson, Oh Robson, Why Doest Thou Forsake Detroit?

I wrote last year about Robson Green from England doing a show on fishing around Zug Island. Well I was finally able to track down most of the show on a youtube feed. I couldn’t get it from the tv show’s channel because I was in a different country. Copyright infringement on a show about Zug? Yeah, well you’ll see. I’m not sure of the chronological order of the segments but we’ll do the Detroit/Rouge rivers first.

Robsons Extreme Fishing Challenge S01E02 720p 001 mp4 NEW

The waterwolf segment wasn’t bad and shows how good the muskie fishing has become on Lake St. Clair. The Detroit River contest, however, leaves much to be desired. I guess we all live in the stench and toxic waste of the local steel mills. Like I mention in my original blog about this fishing endeavor the world thinks Detroit is an easy target to make fun of but this gets a little weird. Hear this Robson, hooks are no match for bullets so forgetaboutit.

Robsons Extreme Fishing Challenge S01E02 720p 002 mp4 https://www.phimdata.com
Well at least a Michigander got some pay back for the Fisherman nonsense. These next 2 vids are ok and actually the Great Lakes show is done at minute mark 1.40 of video 2.
Robson in Gaylord


All in all not bad from a tv show based over 3000 miles away in another country. The smallmouth tournament was held just a few miles from the blight  of Detroit and the noise and pollution of the steel mills portrayed. The Detroit River is pristine compared to the way it was when I was younger and the Rouge River is now capable of producing bonny sheapshead. Thanks to the Friends of the Rouge( https://www.therouge.org/)
and The Friends of the Detroit River(https://www.detroitriver.org/) for helping to make things happen.

Get Outdoors downriver.

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  1. oh where oh where are the walleye in lake st. clair?

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