Cormorants are Returning to the Detroit River

Cormorant watch has started again this year on the Detroit River, and the volunteers are loaded for bear. Well maybe not bear but definitely cormorant. Tim Wilson

USDA Wildlife Services Biologist conducted the training and issued the USDAWS paperwork. I wasn’t able to make it this year but with the DWF and the HRFA volunteers there should be enough coverage to keep the cormorants off of the new plantings (reference last April’s blog).


Ed McCarter (DWF), Howard Borden (HRFA), Richard Mazei (DWF) and Tom Cunnigham (DWF)+ (HRFA) all qualified. They each signed and dated and have a copy of the USDAWS training.

The cormorants are landing  now so the trainees will be busy. Contact Tom ([email protected]) if you have any questions or wish to volunteer your time to watch.Here’s an update on the non-breeding cormorants of Wyandotte sitting on eggs in a tree near town.

The river is full of these birds again. Hopefully someone will start to take them seriously and enact  some counter measures like Ohio is doing on Lake Erie. Here’s the video of the effort to take the still pic, but the still pic lets me count at least 13 nests, the video gives you the affect of how many birds are there.

Get Outdoors Downriver.

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