Think Cool Thoughts

Looking thru my photos I discovered some pics that I had forgot about. These are from early spring when the maple sap was just starting to run and Chase from Oakwood Nature Center did a program on how to make maple syrup and how the techniques have changed over the years.


Ahhh, think snow and the 90 degrees with 100% humidity can become bearable. Don’t think about how much labor it takes to drill tap holes in a thousand trees. The taps look simple but are specialized sap collectors.

Then getting the sap to a boiling pot takes more effort to not consider. Of course now sappers use a system of tubing to collect the ambrosia. Think cool sweet liquid. To make syrup though it takes a boiling pot.


As long as you don’t get too close to the fire you can stay cool. I wish I had some more of the handouts of syrup Chase handed out. Think cool….


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