Christmas Presents for Hunters

This year saw an explosion of electronic gear that was used in our hunt camp.  Well not an explosion but just a trailcam brought in by an addicted deer hunter.  Jeff has the fever so to speak.  He hunts public land in southeast Michigan to explain his passion.  Come hunting season his Facebook posts are mostly about deer hunting.  So a week before the opener Jeff and my son Justin went up to place their treestands and scout around.  Jeff put a trailcam near his treestand and left it their until his return the day before the opener.

He kept mumbling about crab claws well into the night and even during sleep. We don’t know where the buck went because the memory ran out on the trailcam and he wasn’t seen again. There were reports of a similar deer about a mile away but no one knows for sure. With the advent of all these electric devices a good gift for back-up battery energy would be a special stove.

From trailcams, to ipods, to gps’s, to smart phones they all need power and at times the batteries fail. If you’re a long way from camp and you need to get connected, to reply to something on facebook, this stove could be a life saver.

It also boils water as a plus so you can have tea with your text. If you don’t have a gps you can use your smartphone as one with this app Many other outdoor apps are available so the stove will come in handy more often.

One of the constant battles you take up when you decide to become a hunter is dealing with the cold. The worst feeling of all is to have cold feet. With this device you can get your feet warm anytime and be able to turn it on and off with a remote.

If you received some odd gifts for Christmas and don’t wish to regift consider returning the items for cash and get one of these aids to being outdoors. They’re not cheap but if you can’t use your $700 phone or feel your feet they become bargains.


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