Camping in a Yurt

No it’s spelled correctly. For all you procrastinators that have been putting of your “staycations” a “yurt” is a round semi-permanent structure, half tent, half house. They go back in history a long way, used by nomadic people, yurts offered a more comfortable residence than just a tent.camping in a yurt

As with the Glenbrook yurt, in the Pinckney Recreation Area, near Hell Michigan the structure offers bunk beds
and couches which are usually not found in tent camping.  No this is Camping in a Yurt!

camping in a yurt

However, there is still the atmosphere of camping, being one with nature. Minus most bugs and ofcourse sleeping on the floor. Outside you will find a picnic table, grill and fire circle.  A hand pump water well and outhouse are nearby.  Boat rental is available and you will find easy access to a chain of lakes.  A cooking stove is provided but bring a one pound propane canister.  You will also want to bring cooking utensils, pans and normal supplies for dining. Glenbrook Yurt is located on a ridge overlooking Portage River and Halfmoon Lake and the Potawatomi hiking trail is just a few paces away.


This yurt is accessible by biking, hiking and driving.  You can play all day and dine in Hell at night.  Hell, Michigan is just one mile away.

Cost per night is $60. Two night minimum on the weekends.

If availability doesn’t fit your schedule now you can rent this yurt all year round and stay comfortable with the propane heater that’s installed. This could only magnify the feeling of adventure.

camping in a yurt

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