Incredible 8 point Wisconsin Buck

Big Wisconsin BuckLast year while we were in Wisconsin Hunting, we had this incredible tall 8 point hanging around in August and September. Then…he disappeared. No cam pics, no sightings, and no news from the neighbors until on night before gun season…he ran in front of our truck less than a mile from the property.

It gave us a little hope we still might have a chance at him but then…nothing. No sheds, no more pics, and no more sightings in 2010.

In June an incredible 11 point started to show his antlers enough to recognize him…he grew into a real beauty and it wasn’t until a certain pose that we realized…He was the Tall 8 from last year! I was worried he would turn into a ghost again and we hadn’t had a new picture of him since late September.

Well, last night at the same time another mature buck was taking over the fields on our property, this buck came cruising through on a well worn trail network that extends for several hundred yards through our property, and into a bordering bedding area. Was he getting off the property as a more dominant hunting season resident was moving in to re-occupy his territory? I think that could be very true…but either way I made the shot out of a new stand at 20 yards and he barely made it out of sight.

He was a real ghost, and like most I felt a good mix of sadness, adrenaline, and excitement to be standing over him. I said a prayer of thanks and respect…and my WI bow season is done.

He broke the split G4 off after the shot and I’m going out to look for it today, but even so, he’s a 5 year old giant with a big flat gray muzzle, a very long body, and a gross score of 159″. I feel very fortunate…and I’m still on “Cloud 9”!! 🙂

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  1. super buck Jeff! what is the best way to get a hold of you so you can take a look at my land in wisc? I know of two other people that would like you to look at their land also. contact me at My name is Brad and have walked with you while you set up a parcel of land for a friend of mine in Mayville, WI.

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