Whitetail Weekly, Trail Camera Season

In my last post I talked about the work we were doing to get our food plots ready for the fall.  That work is far from over and we’ve got several more projects to get done in the next few weeks but sometimes you have to mix a little fun in with your work.  Thankfully it’s the middle of trail camera season and knowing that you get to check the cameras once the work is done is a great motivator.

We’ve pulled the trail camera’s three times so far this year and have come across several does and fawns, piles of smaller bucks and a few pretty good bucks as well.  We’ve gotten videos, pictures and even seen some of our resident bucks in person.  Watching deer this time of year is great fun and having trail cameras out really increases that fun.

Since we are starting to pile up the pictures I figured I would share some of our better ones with you this week.  If you’ve followed this blog in the past you know that I love to share our pictures and although this is the first posting of the year devoted solely to trail cam pictures it certainly won’t be the last.

A few weeks back I went up and mowed our small clover plot and it didn’t take long for the deer to show their appreciation for the work we put in.  They really love that fresh clover and I always know there will be a lot of pictures in the weeks following a mowing.

This doe and her young fawn hung around for a bit feeding on our clover plot. (Date and time are incorrect)


A young buck investigates the camera in our clover plot. (Date and time are incorrect)


Our primary food plot is known as The Plateau Plot and the work we were doing up there was featured in my last entry.  There is a nice run that the deer use to get to and from that plot and the area where that run meets our walking lane has been a good camera spot for us in the past.  We weren’t the least bit surprised to get another batch of good pictures from it last week.

This good looking buck was heading off of the plot in the late morning. He's not the biggest we've seen this year but he got my attention.


This group of deer passed by the camera on their way back to bed after some morning browsing.


This time of year the deer are pretty focused on browsing and they hit the food sources at all hours of the day.  Our Plateau Plot is seeing a ton of browsing and the deer have actually pretty much browsed us out of canola at this point.  We had a lot less action in front of the camera the past few weeks than we did last month and I’m pretty sure the heavy browsing is the reason why.  There are other food sources available to them so they aren’t hitting our plot as much.  Despite the slowdown recently we’ve had good action out there so far this year.

This group of bucks feeds in what's left of the canola. The tilled up area was recently planted with Figid Forage's "Plot Screen" blend.


This picture from a few weeks back shows a buck we nicknamed "High Brow". We would love to get some more shots of him as we move through the summer.


It's not just deer that enjoy using the food plot. This sandhill crane was also taking advantage of the buffet.


The latest camera check was a bit disappointing in the sense that the bigger bucks we had seen prior were suddenly absent.  Of the four good bucks we had spotted we only got a shot of one of them in our last set of pictures.  With the way our plot is looking right now they have likely found a better food source.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t packed up and moved across the county though.  Our area has alfalfa fields, canola fields, food plots and corn fields so they have plenty of options available to them right now.

Despite temporarily losing track of those bucks, we still have pictures of a pile of small bucks and a few nice up and comers so we aren’t exactly losing sleep over it.  We have plenty of time left this summer to find those bucks again and we also have plans in the works to get our plot back to peak condition and hopefully draw those deer back in.

Stay with us as we move through this summer, it should be a fun one!!


Take care, and thanks for reading!!

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  1. Can you give me some ideas on what to plant where the soil is mostly sand?
    Thank you

  2. Nice pics by the way!

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