Whitetail Weekly, Product Review; “The Stump” from Treeline Treestands

You’ve found the perfect spot to ambush an unsuspecting deer or turkey from. The ground cover is naturally thick but just to be safe you’ve also added a few more limbs to provide that extra bit of concealment. You set up your portable seat or you plop down your cushion and lean up against the tree to start your hunt. After a few minutes you find yourself shifting around uncomfortably as you begin to realize that something isn’t quite right. Maybe your seat is sinking into the ground and beginning to lean to one side, or maybe the ground beneath you is naturally uneven, or maybe you’re sitting on a tree root, or your butt is getting wet through your cushion. Whatever the issue is, after a few minutes your discomfort is so distracting that you are starting to lose interest in the hunt and are focusing solely on finding a comfortable way to sit.

Does this sound familiar to you? I know it does to me. It seems that whenever I set up a natural ground blind I find myself looking for a way to make it more comfortable. I’m either taking a shovel out to the blind to level the ground off or I’m trying to find a chair that will work well for that particular set up. In the end it seems like the blinds are rarely as comfortable as they should be and I’m left trying to deal with something less than perfect.

The folks at Treeline Treestands have obviously experienced these same issues themselves and developed their portable tree seat “The Stump” to help solve the problems hunters face when setting up natural ground blinds. If you are a deer, turkey or predator hunter that frequently hunts from the ground than The Stump was designed with you in mind.

"The Stump" from Treeline Treestands is a portable tree seat designed with the ground hunter in mind.

The Stump is a portable tree seat that straps to the tree quickly and quietly with a single cam buckle strap (the strap is provided with the seat) and allows you to set up a natural ground blind on pretty much any tree that is over 8 inches in diameter. Since the seat straps to the tree you no longer have to worry about uneven or soft ground making your chair unstable and thanks to The Stump’s comfortable seat you no longer have to suffer through an uncomfortable hunt sitting on an overturned bucket.

Quality — The Treeline Treestands company emerged from a tubing fabrication company and it’s easy to see their tubing expertise in their product. When I pulled The Stump out of the box I immediately noticed the wonderful fit and finish of the product. I currently own a similar style seat by another company and to say that The Stump appears to be much better built, much more durable product would be a drastic understatement. It makes my current seat look and feel woefully inadequate.

The frame is much beefier and heavier duty than what I expected to see. That beefy impression is given by the large tubing used to create the frame as well as the large, aggressive looking teeth that grace the bottom brace where it sits against the tree.

Here you see the tubing used to build the frame and brace area of the seat. I really like how solidly The Stump is built.

Another aspect that surprised me with its size was actual seating surface. The sling style (not sure if that’s the proper term but that’s what I’ll call it) fabric seat measures 18”x16” and provides a large, comfortable, perch for the hunter. My brother in-law was out testing The Stump with me and we both commented multiple times on both the size of the seat as well as the comfort of the seat. We didn’t add a cushion of any sort, just sat directly on the seat and were both impressed with the comfort it provided.

The front of the seat also rounds down a bit which keeps it from digging into the back of your legs and will help provide long term comfort over the duration of your hunt. It is a small touch that some may overlook but it will go a long ways towards the overall comfort of the seat.

The seat can be folded down to sit on or can be folded up and out of the way if you want to stand up or if you are going to leave the seat in your blind. The seat folds easily and silently and there are large rubber stoppers to prevent any metal to metal contact (and noise) when the seat is folded down to be sat on.

Despite the large seat and sturdy frame the seat is still feels quite light and could easily be carried into and out of the woods without issue. The seat is listed at 7.5lbs on the Treeline website but I couldn’t believe it weighed that much. I decided to check for myself so I hoped on my very unscientific bathroom scale and the seat came in at just under 7lbs. To me the seat didn’t feel any heavier than my bow which I know weighs about 4lbs but I won’t argue with the scale. Even at 7lbs I could still carry the seat with me or strap it to my back pack and not have a problem getting it to and from the stand.

On a side note, my brother in-law came up with the idea of hooking the strap up to the frame as you would if you were putting the seat around a tree and then tossing the strap over his shoulder to carry the seat like a shoulder bag. This would allow you to still have your hands free if needed. Another possibility that we discussed would be to strap the seat to the outside of your back pack allowing you to keep your hands free while transporting it as well.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest rating) I would rate The Stump a 5 in quality. I was really impressed with the way this seat is built. As soon as you pull it out of the box you feel like you are holding a sturdy, quality built product.

Reliability — As I mentioned above, The Stump is a solidly built piece of hunting equipment. The tubing used for the frame of the seat looks as though it could easily withstand any type of abuse you could ever throw at it during normal use. The seat is a fabric sling style seat and I will admit that I wonder if it will stretch and/or sag at all over time but I know that many other stand companies use the same style of seat with success. When I look at the quality of material used to construct the frame of The Stump I have to imagine that Treeline used that same attention to quality when making the seat as well and I wouldn’t worry about it wearing out anytime soon.

The large seating area was a pleasant surprise and offers a very comfortable spot from which to spend several hours on stand.

After messing with the seat for a few minutes and strapping it onto a few different trees we figured out that it seemed to lock on the best if the strap was about horizontal to start with. Having the strap horizontal as you tighten it allows you to get the strap as snug as possible. Once the strap was snug we pushed down on the seat a bit to set it tight against the tree. Then when we sat down our body weight would fully set the stand. That procedure seemed to really snug the seat tight to the tree and it really felt solid.

To try and test it in those real world shot scenarios that we hunters find ourselves in from time to time, I also sat on the very outside edges of the seat and leaned out to the side to try and get the seat to flex or shift but it didn’t move much, if at all. It remained solidly strapped to the tree without flexing or squeaking.

Treeline recommends the stand be used on trees larger than 8 inches in diameter but one of the trees we tried it on was very small. The tree was so small that the strap was pulled almost all the way into itself. The stand was a bit wobbly from side to side since the small tree didn’t come close to filling the upper “V” brace but was still solid as a rock up and down. Again, this tree was smaller than something I would normally set up on but the seat was still solid enough to be useable and hunted from. The bottom teeth on the stand were still able to dig in and get a good solid hold on the tree.

The seat seems to perform exactly as you would expect or want it to, and with the simplicity of the strap system it should continue to perform time and time again on just about any tree you would want to sit against.

In terms of Reliability I would give The Stump a 4.5 out of 5 rating. Since I haven’t had the product long enough to put it through the rigors of a full hunting season or two I can’t truly attest to its long term reliability enough to give it a full 5 rating. I will say this though; judging by the way this piece is built I would be very surprised if it wasn’t reliable. I foresee it being a very reliable product.

Value and Price – The Stump is listed on the Treeline Treestands website for $79.99 which I will admit seemed a bit steep to me when I first saw it. Having now seen and handled the product I can honestly say that I no longer feel the price is steep at all. This is a very well made unit that is going to last many, many seasons without issue.

I can personally attest that I have a similar seat that was about half the price and it seems like every time I use it I am trying to figure out a way to make it work better, not wobble, be more comfortable, etc. I would gladly have paid the extra money to have a unit that works as well as what I’ve seen out of The Stump. We all know the saying “you get what you pay for” and from what I’ve seen in my personal experience that is applicable here for sure. When you pay for The Stump you can be assured you are getting a quality, American made, product that will likely be in your hunting arsenal for many seasons to come.

This was a tough rating for me. $79.99 is a good bit of money but I really do believe you are getting what you pay for with The Stump. I have to rate it a 4 out of 5 but just like with the reliability category, in two or three seasons from now when the unit is still in great shape and working great I would probably come back and say it was definitely worth every penny.

Referability — Would I recommend this seat to a fellow hunter? Absolutely. I would have no qualms or concerns with recommending The Stump to a fellow hunter. I am very impressed with the quality and construction of The Stump and think that most people would feel the same way. The folks at Treeline Treestands sure put together a great product and I’d be surprised if most people didn’t feel the same way about The Stump once they saw it.

The Stump (and the people at Treeline Treestands in general) gets a solid 5 out of 5 in terms of referability and I encourage anyone in the market for a portable tree seat to give The Stump thorough consideration.


In review, out of a total of 20 available rating points I give The Stump a rating of 18.5 out of 20 and would definitely consider it a high quality product. If you are looking for a comfortable, portable, easy to use tree seat that is built to last and made in America than be sure to check out The Stump from Treeline Treestands. You won’t be disappointed!

Take care, and thanks for reading!!

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