Whitetail Weekly, Hurry Up and Wait

As soon as spring breaks free of winters grasp we start thinking of which project to do first, where to put the trail cameras and how we are going to improve our food plots. It seems like there is a potential project for every weekend all summer long and in the end there are always one or two ideas that we just don’t have time for. It wasn’t long ago that the fall seemed too far off to even think about but suddenly it seems the summer has flashed past at a sprinters pace and we find ourselves heading into September.

If it’s safe to say that the summer is a sprint than I would consider September to be more of a leisurely stroll in terms of pace. The mentality has changed from the “gotta go, gotta get it done” feeling to more of a “let it be” attitude. Outside of a quick trail camera card pull and a few last minute stand tweaks (which we should have already done but we slacked a bit) we have no projects on the horizon and will probably only see the property one more time before October 1st. We’ve gotten through the rush of summer and now it’s a bit of a waiting game.

While the slower pace of September gives me a bit of a “hurry up and wait” feeling there are still a few things I have to do to get myself ready for the fall. The list may not be as daunting as our property work list from the spring it will still keep me occupied for the next few weeks. 
I start shooting my bow with regularity on August 1st to start getting ready for the archery season. I try to shoot at least a bit all year round but I will be the first to admit I slacked a bit on that this year. I have been shooting pretty often lately and even decided to get myself a new bow for this season. Making a switch late in the summer like this isn’t a great idea but I am confident that I will have the bow sighted in and ready well before I take the field. 

Another thing I like to do now is take an inventory of my gear bin and make sure that I have all the supplies I am going to need to get me through the season. I like to think that by planning ahead and being prepared I will avoid any snafu’s once the season starts but often times that is not the case. I seem to always overlook something or run out of something somewhere along the way but by planning ahead I am able to at least avoid some of the problems.

We plan on pulling our trail camera cards one last time before the season starts. We have had pretty consistent patterns so far this summer and I doubt much will change in terms of where the deer are at but as we get closer to the season its good to check and see if things are changing at all. During the season we pretty much only pull the memory cards if we are going by a camera to get to or from a stand. We like to keep activity and intrusion to a minimum and going in and pulling all the cards every weekend wouldn’t really follow that plan.

The last real “project” we have on our list is our annual stand check, although this year we still have a stand to hang as well. Usually we would have done this sooner but the heavy rains on our last trip kept us out of the trees and we pushed it back till now. We like to go to our existing stands and check and reset all the straps and make sure the stand is still ready to go for the season. We put our lives in the hands of these tree stands every time we hunt so it only makes sense to check them all out and hopefully catch any issues ahead of time.

The anticipation of a new season is something that I feel pretty much year round but by this time of the year the excitement is nearing a fever pitch. We have been watching deer all summer long, improving our property, setting stands and planning out just how we are going to get ourselves the bucks we’re after. We waited through spring rains, worked around the summer heat and droughts and now we’ve just about made it to the cool crisp mornings of fall.

It’s been a long wait and, even though it’s not quite over yet, the light is at the end of the tunnel and the season is within site at last. It’s an exciting time to be a deer hunter in Michigan!

Take care, and thanks for reading!!

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