The Big Whitetail Buck

By: “Moe”

It all started out on a nice, cool Sunday afternoon earlier in October. For once the wind was right to sit in the stand that is in the swamp. (Which I missed a nice buck out of last year, OOPS!) I knew the deer would be moving that evening so I decided to try and get there at about 3:30. I hadn’t realized how many leaves had already fallen, so it took me 45 minutes to travel just 100 yards through the swamp to my stand so i wouldn’t make much noise. When I got to my stand I glanced down at my watch and it read 4:09. I thought dang it, but hoped i had entered quiet enough that i didn’t scare any deer.

After tying my bow to the pull rope I started up the tree. When i was about three-quarters of the way up i heard something coming through the swamp and froze. I look over and there, just 20 yards from me were about 15 does and fawns along with a nice sized 8 point! I wished that I’d gotten to my stand on time! Although I didn’t get a shot at that nice 8 point I had a feeling that this was going to be a good hunt.

I sat there until about a half hour before dark watching the rabbits and birds and a few small does with fawns wander around. I looked down at my watch and it read 7:04 and I figured the deer would start moving very soon. As soon as I look up from my watch there was an enormous buck wandering toward me at 40 yards!!! I keep watching him and I just couldn’t take my eyes off from his huge rack. When he was 15 yards away and broadside I tried to pull my bow back from a seated position but couldn’t!! I then tried to stand up but I couldn’t even stand up all the way!! I just kept trying to get my bow back but never did while he was within range.

Before he went broadside I got a really good look at his antlers. He was a heavy beamed, very wide 12 point typical with a large drop tine (about 7″) which made him a 13 point. I’ve since went through and looked at some “book buck” and compared him to them and I guesstimate that he would score between 170 and 180 Boone and Crockett inches!!!

About a week later I decided to hunt another spot that I had been seeing a large doe at. With about an hour of light left I look to my right and standing there was a magnificent 8 point about 50 yards away, which my friend and I had saw earlier in the year while we were out crow hunting. I keep watching him and soon I thought I had heard the sound of somebody rattling and look out and there is the large drop tined buck that I had saw earlier and what looked to be a large 10 point sparring out 90 yards away!! Now I was wishing that the 8 point would just go away so that I could try a stalk on these other big boys that were sparring since I was hunting from the ground! Needless to say the large 8 point didn’t leave until after the other two bucks left.

Although I haven’t got a shot at these bucks yet I feel that I’ve been very successful! I believe it’s a real accomplishment just to be able to go out and see just one large buck, let alone 3 Pope and Young bucks in one night and two of those bucks would probably make the Boone and Crockett books!! Although it would be nice to shoot one of these magnificent animals I feel that I’ve been just as successful as I normally would be, but I just don’t have as much bragging rights as I would if I would bag one of these fellows but still have enough for me!!! I believe this will be a very good hunting season for me, even if I don’t get anymore deer and I just hope that one day all of you will have the privilege to share the woods with one of these magnificent creatures!

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