Precision October Cold Front Hunting

image Friday October 12th offered high winds and approaching rain. Saturday the 13th and into Sunday 2" of rain dropped and between the high winds, rain, and a continual chaos of noises within the woods, the deer were pinned down, stressed...and hungry. Deer are rhythmic pattern feeders, feeding 5 times per day, and when various opportunities are suppressed they need to make up for it! At the same time increased stress levels equal a loss of energy so during a strong front deer are subject to a two-pronged attack of HUNGER. image Last weekends "double whammy" of hunger pains produced an outstanding reduced-wind feeding trigger for the "perfect" evening sit. It had been 4 days since the last quiet evening and the deer were ready! During the sit I was able to pass on 5 bucks, including the ones shown within this article, as well as 6 more! The two oldest pair were 4 and 5 years of age, and offered shots of less than 20 yards while both groomed each other and sparred for over a 1/2 hour. Another pair of 3 year olds enjoyed sparring 200 yards away and the entire evening of "all the boys" hanging out within the CRP and small food plots continued into the cover of darkness. image What a great sit...and a very precise set of Mid-October cold front hunting conditions to offer a predictable quality opportunity. The time to hunt these conditions is as soon as the front has passed, and the winds quiet down. Even if the following day is slightly colder, the majority of the wind and rain induced feeding triggers have passed with the first, quieter conditions. Looking ahead there is another front passing by Thursday evening, another next Tuesday...and you can bet I will be sitting in a stand catching the next precision bowhunting opportunity! image By Jeff Sturgis,

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