Oscillation Fascination

Getting on up in age I’ve started to lose strength and function of my hands. From carpel tunnel problems to swollen knuckles doing things that were easy before now take longer and can hurt.  Some things I’ve enjoyed doing I don’t anymore but others I still want to and do.  But now I use an aid to help me, it’s an oscillation tool. You may have seen these tools demonstrated on TV.  It’s much like a dremmel tool in shape but instead or spinning it vibrates.
With many different blades offered you can cut wood, metal, plastic, drywall and on and on. I use the tool to process pelts and do some turkey taxidermy. There are mainly 4 types of these tools, pneumatic, battery driven and electric of which there are the one speed and variable speed. The variable speed is needed for any kind of work with the previously mentioned items. The one speed models I think are too powerful to use on delicate items and to work in tight quarters.
Here’s a turkey wing bone that would have taken me over 20 minutes to debone.


Now it’s mere seconds.

After treating with some 20 mule team I can position the feathers and bondo or hot glue onto some cardboard or other backing. Next is the tail.

Separate the “guard “ feathers from the tail.

I use the O tool to get as much meat off the quills as possible on both sides.

Repeat with the borax treatment and attach to a backing.
Here’s a display I’ve donated to our local nature center.

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  1. Great new use for a tool.

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