Keep our Youth Outdoors in Michigan

By: Mike Boyd of Coldwater Charters

youth hunter with duckAs I walked into the woods with a certain anticipation and some apprehension on what may jump out at me, I was in awe of what was abound in the woods. I crept along with the silence only small feet now can do. The light was limited and a little eerie. A rabbit jumped out and put a shiver and a feeling I still get today from time to time running up my back and stopping at the back of my neck. I raised my crossman BB gun and before I could get on my quarry it ran out of sight. Well the thrill was unbelievable and unforgettable. I was a whole 10 years old at the time but I’ll never forget this and many others since.

Now when I take a young person hunting I can’t help but remember my early times hunting and learning about all of what is going on in the woods. It was a magical time, especially in my memories. A few years ago when I was in my early 30’s I probably wasn’t as patient with younger people as I am today. I guess now I see how important it is to make sure not to put to much pressure or make them stay any longer then they really want to. All of which can turn them away from a sport that has been a great way of life for me.

Today with less and less young people enjoying our great past time it is our duty to introduce as many and as often as possible to the sport of hunting. Some people say it the parents responsibility, well not all parents know about hunting. If your son or daughter likes to go with you invite there friends to come along if not just to walk along and watch. Remember that it’s not important what you get but how good of time they have when there out. I can’t remember how many ducks were passed so far this year when Tyler { our new hunter } was not quite ready for the shot. And I’m talking in your face ducks. But patience does win out and hopefully I’ll gain a companion in the field for life. The photo is of Tyler and his first Mallard Drake. Good luck and most of all enjoy your day a-field. Limits and Trophy’s are not going to happen on every outing.

Mike Boyd

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