Habitat Improvement on a budget

Want to create a nice watering hole that will last? Shop Craig’s list and look for people either getting rid of or selling their old plastic ponds.

I found this one for sale for $30. I could have bought an even larger one for $50. I have also seen them in the garbage.


Get your shovel out and start digging. I’m lucky as I have easy digging. The finished product will hold water for a very long time.


6 Comments on Habitat Improvement on a budget

  1. Steve, great looking watering hole. I think I saw the same one for sale of C.L. They had two, a larger and smaller one available. When I went to check C.L. they were gone. Now I know who bought one. Great find, I’ll be checking again.

  2. Ha, yeah that was me. I thought about the bigger one but didn’t want to do that much digging.

  3. I have a few similar ponds. I had problems with mice and other small critters drowning in them. If you lean a stick or something in the pond anything that falls in can climb out.

  4. This looks like a great idea but doesn’t the water heat up or become stagnant? I wouldn’t be able to refresh the water since my residence is about 250 miles from where this would be.

  5. Nice idea, other than the issue of water becoming stagnant, doesn’t this also create a good breeding area for mosquitos?

  6. WHITE-DEER-SLAYER // October 31, 2014 at 1:21 pm // Reply

    I was wondering the same about the stagnant water also?

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