Geiger Encounters Tomskullery

One of Wyandotte’s finest, Devin Geiger, recently had a very successful hunting trip in Northwest Michigan. Devin was after the elusive Eastern Turkey and spent quite some time tracking down a bird. While driving the backroads he noticed birds crossing a road at a certain time each day. Turkeys can seem very dumb sometimes but just try to get close to one.

After picking out a general area he started laying down leather not rubber. It’s not easy figuring these birds out and any discovery while scouting could help determine a blind location to intercept the quarry. Taking note of tracks, droppings, wing drag marks and feathers while deciphering the lay of the land you can get an idea of where the birds will travel thru. Adding in the time you see them a date can be made to hunt up the birds. As Devin was doing all this he made a discovery of a different kind.

This is a skull of a wild Russian boar you may have heard about being shown off by his son, Magnus. Nice tusks! These invasives are doing so much damage to crops and habitat that the State has created an open season on them. They are evasive as well and hunting them isn’t as easy as some may think. You need to know where they live and sit and wait for them to show up or call them in. Calling in can be tricky as to the type of call to use and keeping calm if a big one comes in. Here’s one harvested in the Chelsea area in 2010.

Devin ended up making a date with a tom and got his bird


Good job Devin, two trophies in one trip.

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