Enforcement of Michigan’s Invasive Species Act on Feral Swine Begins with Lawsuit Against Hunting Ranch

Michigan Feral Pigs

Acting on a new policy that went into effect on April 1, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) filed a civil complaint against Ronald McKendrick and Charlene McKendrick on Tuesday, April 10 to force them to remove prohibited species of swine on their property. The McKendrick family, which owns the Renegade Ranch Hunting Preserve in Cheboygan County, denied entry to DNR officials seeking to inspect the facility on April 3 for compliance with Michigan’s recently passed Invasive Species Act (ISA). According a press release issued by the Michigan DNR, the McKendricks’ ranch “has in the past been known to possess Feral Swine that are prohibited under the order”, and Ronald has admitted to having 15-18 pigs on his ranch that were raised in Michigan but he “doesn’t know what type they are”. As a result the Michigan DNR has taken legal action against the family. According to a Michigan Radio broadcast, the McKendricks denied access to the DNR as they did not have a warrant.

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