Paper Tuning a Bow

Bow Paper Tuning Jig

A rig like the one shown above can be used just in front of your target to hold old newspaper supported by binder clips under tension from rubber bands, fastened to a basic wood frame.

Possibly the most important thing you can do to ensure hunting success with broadheads is to keep you bow well tuned.  A bow that is not tuned will not shoot broadheads in the same place as field points.   Paper tuning a bow is a very quick way to get your bow tuned.

Tune your bow by shooting it through newspaper using field points at about 8 yards away. They should make a straight poke through the paper with just an X where the fletching went through. If not, your bow is out of tune. Tuning it is probably the most important thing you can do to improve your hunting success with broadheads. Broadheads will not fly anywhere near where your field points go if the bow is not tuned properly.  Check your bow to make sure that both cams tip at the exact same time when you pull back.


To correct vertical flutter (C), move your nocking point down or your arrow rest up.

To correct vertical flutter (D), move your nocking point up or your arrow rest down.

To correct fletch left (E), move your arrow rest away from bow.

To correct fletch right (F), move your arrow rest toward the sight window.paper tuning bow

If you don’t seem to be making progress,.. ie the tear seams to be getting worse – make sure you aren’t on what I call a “second harmonic”.    Move your rest back past the point of where you started and try things there.  It’s possible that you have moved the rest SO FAR from where it needs to be that improvement is impossible.

After you have finished tuning your bow with field points, try a shot through the paper with a broadhead.  Sometimes you will pick up wind planing with a broadhead that you wouldn’t see with a field point.   If the broadhead is giving you trouble, try shooting it in several different orientations to the vanes and see which works best for you.

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