2019 Pine Farm Memorial Hunting Contest Results

Congrats to Team #4 – One 4 All & All 4 Backstraps & Butter

Wow, with all the game camera pictures from Team #4 early on, how could these guys loose?  Well unlike many of us, they turned the pictures into results.

Here are just a few bucks that fell to the Backstrap Boys with their final team tally.

Team #4 – One 4 All & All 4 Backstraps & Butter 138 pts
Huntahalic-C AB15 AD7 (Done)
Namrock AD7 AB19 (Done)
454casull FB13 AB7 (Done)
ArrowFlinger AD7 AD7 (Done)
U of M Fan
Get’nLucky AD7 FB13 (Done)
Michiganreaper AB15 AD7 (Done)
wild bill AD7 AD7 (Done)







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