SouthWest Wisconsin Whitetail Habitat Client and Scouting Trip Pics

image This past weekend was going to be a weekend "off"...but does anyone feel sorry for me thinking I may need a weekend off from hitting the woods? If so, I haven't found them:) So, when I got the opportunity to schedule a client at the last minute near my SW WI lease I jumped at it! What better way then to spend an "off weekend" then by visiting a new client, as well as getting into the woods on my lease for a little shed hunting, picture taking...and to shoot some video footage? My fiancee even came to hang with my local friends, and all in all...a great long weekend in the woods!

My client's parcel was an incredible mix of steep and broken long draws, ag land, and great deer timber...great "deer timber" meaning low quality tree species that can be immediately CUT DOWN for various enhancement goals. While I was on the client property I got to see one of the best shooting houses to date...and surprisingly for the size it was pretty well concealed! image There were also some great mature buck rubs on the parcel and although you can't see it too well...what I liked about this rub were the little ticks and scratches high above and behind the main face of the rub, which indicates a mature buck with a large frame...maybe even some main beam "trash" in the form of stickers and kickers... image At the same time there were some very cool examples of a buck bed in the most remote area of the parcel. Great elevation. A small level bedding platform, a great stem count of young hardwood regeneration, and good horizontal cover in the form of stumps and logs made for an outstanding natural bedding area... image And finally I was on my own property, and took some pictures for an upcoming article. This is an incredible bedding area and the pics give the best description... image image image And of course...he is still around and posing on V-Day 🙂 What a great weekend! Stay tuned for more after my KS client trip this weekend... image By Jeff Sturgis,

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