Deer Decoys


deer decoysSo you’re seeing deer, but that big buck that you’ve seen in the distance just won’t come in for a shot?

Well deer decoys might just be the answer.  When the rut is in full swing and bucks throw caution to the wind, a decoy may bring them right into your reach.

There are lots of decoys on the market coming in all sizes.  The one shown in the picture is made of foam and rolls up into an easy to carry bundle.  The hunter’s orange color is not supposed to spook deer.  Even a deer look-alike archery target can be used as a decoy, but is not as easy to carry into the field.

It seems to be important to give your target some sense of movement.  Deer appear to be very spooked by a lifeless look-alike.  Some light feathers attached to the ears to blow in the wind or a piece of buck-tail rigged up to a string in your tree for a tail can help.  Does and fawns are the most spooked when finding a decoy in the woods, while the right buck during the rut probably will come right after the decoy.  If its the buck you are after then a decoy might just be the answer.

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