Barnett Ghost 385 Crossbow Review

ghost 385

The Beautiful Barnett Ghost 385

Looking for a very compact, sizzling fast crossbow to take out on your fall bowhunt this fall? You really should consider the Barnett Ghost line of crossbows. We recently put the Barnett Ghost 385 crossbow through the paces.

Did I mention this bow is compact? At only 21 1/2″ wide by 34″ in length this crossbow will swim in most conventional crossbow cases (we recommend looking at compact cases to protect your investment. A crossbow this compact will be a breeze to carry out in the woods and hoist into a treestand. At 6.9 pounds this bow is also light. This means that it is quite possible to be accurate at ranges that might require a shooting stick or rest with a heavier bow.

Ghost 385

Using the Barnett cocking device

Barnett Ghost 385

The Ghost 385 cocked

This crossbow comes with 3 Easton Head Hunter arrows tipped with 100 grain field points and a multi retical scope. We sighted in the scope on a bench using multiple reticles to hit 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards. We also switched out the field points to be 125 grains for a little more punch at the target, sacrificing some speed.

Shooting this crossbow is a joy. The bow comes with a Barnett cocking device which mechanically greatly reduces the effort needed to pull it back, while at the same time ensuring a consistent cocking point.

Ghost 385 scope

The Ghost 385 Scope

The bow is relatively quiet and has little recoil while shooting. We were quickly able to make adjustments to the included sight to get it dialed into some very acceptable groups. A couple of notes here… Invest in a newer crossbow target as the Ghost will punch the bolts right through older style targets. Also, it is a good idea to put LockTite on the scope mounting screws to make sure they stay put in the long run.

The included scope provides for ample eye relief and gives you a choice of two colors and 5 brightness settings in each color for varying light conditions. While we found the scope to be adequate for accuracy for the shooting distances we are likely to encounter, some may want to upgrade the scope.

Want to put this in the hands of a less experienced shooter? This crossbow comes with finger guards to help prevent fingers from being in harm’s way. It also has an integrated anti dry fire and safety mechanism.

Ghost 385The Barnett Ghost 385 crossbow review feels very comfortable mounted to your shoulder and its light weight makes it easy to keep on target without the need of a shooting stick or rest.

We loved the high definition camo finish as well as the neutral colors elsewhere on the crossbow.   This definitely won’t draw a lot of attention from deer or other game.

Besides using the provided cocking rope provided by Barnett this crossbow also allows for the installation of a Barnett crank cocking device to make it even easier for a youth or woman hunter to cock the bow.

After firing over 200 shots from the Ghost 385 and following Barnett’s lubricating advice, we saw no unusual wear on the string, cables, or shooting track.

All things considered, we recommend this new offering by Barnett for those who like will be hunting with a crossbow this fall.   Crossbows are NOT limited to 350 fps in Michigan any longer and any archer who wishes to use one just needs to get a free crossbow stamp on their regular hunting license.

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  1. What was the OTD cost on this?

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