You Can’t Always Get the Walleyes You Want

It’s usually that way when you’re doing something you like. Around here in spring that usually means walleye fishing. What else is there? Fact is that the Detroit River and western Lake Erie has the best early spring walleye fishing in the world. Many people come from hundreds if not thousands of miles to fish here. This year may have been the best on record, if such records were kept, with the warm weather early in March and the moderate temperatures since. The fish started early and good fishing continued for almost two and a half months, let’s say 75 days, many walleye addicts have caught over 250 fish already.

But alas happy days are over, the silver death has taken over. In just 3 hours last night our boat caught over 75 silver bass. Just horrible, added into the outing was a stiff west wind making things miserable. To make matters worse the 3 of us only caught 7 walleye. Queue the screeching stylus across the record, oh I’m sorry most of you won’t understand that, let’s try “Wahhh Waahhh”. I guess this is the way of the world now, complain about everything. Just turn on the radio from sports talk to political blabber it’s all complaining. Nobody is happy and maybe with the slow economy some of this should be expected but let’s get some perspective here.

The wind was bad and we were relegated to fishing protected waters, but we were still fishing. That usually beats any alternative hands down. We caught about 90 fish, for 3 anglers in 3 hours, that works out to a fish every 6 minutes, if you tell people that they’d think you were at a fish farm. We talk to an angler that also complained about the silver death and then he showed us a mess of bluegills that were bigger than his hand. This all points to the fact that many of us are spoiled. We want perfect weather when we’re fishing and copious amounts of the certain fish we want to catch. Whether its walleye or perch or bluegill and yes silver bass we want only those fish to cooperate. Well sometimes you just have to settle with getting what you need, a fish at the end of your line. In the best waters around for many miles the river gives us just that.

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  1. I’m Going to the U.P. of Mich. mid June, will be fishing Big and South Manistique Lakes. Does any one know where to find a fishing map for theses lakes?

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