Yo, Yo, Yo it’s Walleye Time.

Finally got a chance to go walleye fishing in 2013. The weather Gods all complied and the temps were manageable along with the wind. As a first time out on the water, for the year, it was expected to be more of a shake down cruise than an actual fish catching experience. We did have problems with the electric trolling motor but improvised a solution, note to call Lockeman’s for help.

What do you do for major problems? Ask for help from one of the other 40 boats in the jigging line? Maybe after the fish stop biting for an hour or two. Another alternative is Tow-BoatUS. For $67 they’ll tow your boat in the water for 25 miles and for an additional $14 they will tow you on land for 100 miles. It may sound expensive but even if you only use them once in 5 years it’s probably worth it.

Back to the fishing, we had some success and just missed our limit by one fish each. Four large and four regular not bad.

Due to the trolling motor problems we used 3/4 oz. jigs tipped with Wyandotte worm and stinger hooks. Since we could see the Wyandotte launch from where we fished and using Wyandotte worms it gave a great feeling being from Wyandotte.

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