Changing Winds – Detroit River Walleye Fishing

Never believe a weather forecast again especially if it for the wind prediction. After that big blow on Monday, with it’s reported 3 foot waves on the river, I saw the prediction of 2 mile per hour winds for Tuesday and took the afternoon off of work. Well Mother Nature didn’t check the wind prediction and made it tough on us trying to stay vertical. My son and I only got 2 walleye in 4 hours of fishing which isn’t too bad but having to fight the “2mph wind” didn’t make it enjoyable. Hopefully there won’t be many more wind changing days this spring and summer so the pursuit of walleye can be more relaxing.

At the DWF meeting Monday Travis Hartman from the Ohio DNR said last year was a bad year for walleye fishing and this resulted in less participation from fishers. The cold, wet, windy and just lousy weather hurt the walleye fry and discouraged the bloom of plankton that the fry need. Throw in the economy and walleye fishing really took a bad hit. The winds of change however may be blowing in our favor- note, remember the previous wind prediction advice. The good news is that the 2010 walleye class was a good one, not as great as 2003 but not many are. Those fish should be near the 15″ range and could be keepers this year. Add in the 2003 class fish that weren’t caught last year due to the lower fishing effort and this year could be outstanding for walleye enthusiasts. Let’s hope that’s a prediction that comes thru.

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