TH-Prince Fly Pattern

TH-Prince fly pattern

TH-Prince Fly Pattern

Hook – 3906 Mustad
Size – #8-#12
Thread – Black 6/0
Weight – optional
Tail – 2 goose biots (amber)
Body – 2-3 strands of peacock herl
Rib – thin holographic
Wing – 2 goose biots (white)

Comment – Slide bead on hook. Secure with a few thread wraps. Bring the thread to the rear of hook and attach the amber biots in a semi “V”. Tweezers help in positioning. Add the rib and the herl. Bring the thread forward. Twist the herl and wrap it to the bead, tie off and do the same with the rib. Add the hackle and tie off after 2 turns. Trim the top portion to allow room for the wing. Pull the remaining hackle fibers downward and secure with a couple of thread wraps. Add the white biots (again in a semi “V”) whip finish and cement. Thanks to “Shoeman” for the fly.

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