TH Hare’s Ear Fly Pattern

TH Hare's Ear fly pattern

TH Hare’s Ear Fly Pattern

Hook – 3906 Mustad
Size – #10-#16
Thread – brown 6/0
Bead – either tungston or brass
Tail – 3 pheasant tail fibers
Body – rabbit mask
Rib – gold wire
Hackle – english grouse (soft)

Comment – Slide bead on hook and secure with several wraps. Bring the thread to rear and attach tail fibers and wire. Create a dubbing loop with fine cut mask fur, spin and wrap dubbing up to the bead. Tie off and wrap the wire forward. Take the grouse hackle, splay it and remove the hook-side of the hackle. Spin one turn of hackle and tie off. Cement the head.

Presentation Tips:
I use a slight up-stream cast in order to gain depth. Mend and follow the fly with your rod and allow it to swing. Use short 6″ strips for the retrieve. Most hits will come in the swing and the retrieve. This is also a perfect fly for attaching an un-weighted dropper, such as a wet or nymph.

Thanks to “Shoeman” for the pattern.

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