Spring Wiggler Fly Pattern

Spring Wiggler fly pattern

Spring Wiggler Fly Pattern

I guess the first tip is always use a wet fly hook which is heaver and stronger than dry fly hooks Mustad 3906, 3906B, 3399 are perfect. Never use Mustad 94840 or 94842 – 94833 for this Steelhead fly.

As is with most flies always starting from the back and tie forward. Remove short hairs from the squirrel tail segment by holding it by its tip and pulling short hairs out, or use a stacker. Make sure the tail of the wiggler points down with the bend of the hook.

(To give it a nymph look) Make sure to trap the hair segment by wrapping on shank side of tail segment to trap hair and make it stand up also cement the tail wrap

Spring Wiggler Fly Pattern

Always use a hackle that’s long enough to permit several warps around the body. Prepare hackle by pulling against the grain separating the barbell segments. Tie in at tail tip first. At the same point wrap in chenille – (Make sure to pull dubbing from tip of chenille to expose the thread core) – This makes it easier to tie in with less bulk.

Spring Wiggler Fly Pattern

Wrap chenille forward evenly and tie off just before eye of hook and trim excess chenille (As in any fly make sure to leave room for the head). Next wrap hackle forward evenly to head (palmered style) tie off and trim.

Bring squirrel tail over fly’s body wiggling it as you lay it across back (Trying not to trap too many hackle fibers) then tie off at back of head. Don’t trim until you are sure the squirrel tail is secure. Then trim at a angle so thread flows easily over hair. (Cement head)

Spring Wiggler Fly Pattern

One of the best things about this pattern is the possibilities and different colors, sizes and combinations of materials that can be used effectively with this pattern.

Hook – Mustad 3906 – 3906B – 3399
Size – various, typically #8
Thread – black 6/0
Weight – optional
Tail – fire colored micro glo bug yarn or squirrel tail as shown in this example.
Body – various colors of chenille (medium or ultra)
Wingcase – squirrel tail
Hackle – various colors of saddle hackle palmered

Comment – Wing case and tail commonly tied with squirrel tail. Thanks to Rickey Drager and Old Steelhead Dude for this fly.




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