Shoeman’s Stonefly Fly Pattern

Shoeman's Stonfly fly pattern

Shoeman's Stonefly Fly Pattern

Hook - 94831 Thread - black 6/0 Weight - lead wire parallel to hook on both sides Tail & Antennae - black goose biots Legs - stripped and knotted hackle stems Body - black opposum Wing Case - brown mottled thin skin Rib - stripped hackled stem Comment - Attach 2 short sections of wire along each side of hook to give a flat appearance. Apply the tail biots. (Tweezers help in positioning them) Attach the ribbing stem and dub slightly more than 1/2 the body forward. Strip 6 hackles and knot them for the legs. Attach the first set of legs and the first wingcase. Dub another portion and attach the second set of legs along with the second wingcase. Dub the head and the third set of legs along with the biots for the antennae. Tie off and apply head cement. Thanks to "Shoeman".

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