Reminiscing on Fishing Paradise in Lake Michigan

By: Mike Boyd of Coldwater Charters

lake michigan downriggersThe winter blues are getting me down so I must reminisce about days gone by. My first thoughts go right to the Big water of Lake Michigan and April when the seasons changes are taking place. The warming temperatures are soothing my soul. The thought of the boats maiden voyage and the words fish on are bringing life back into these blue days of winter. I can picture pulling the lines from the boat and backing out of the slip as the anticipations are getting thicker and thicker. My first exposure of the year to the scents and rhythmic waves of our Great Lakes. As we go under the overpass and can see that even the Railroad Trestle is open, now I know this is a dream. No waiting today. As the pier comes into view I can see people fishing with the same anticipations I’m having. The smell enters my senses like pulling into the driveway and the wife has after a long day a field who just happens to be grilling steaks on the barby. It’s almost intoxicating. The winds are calm and the sun is heating up my face as I turn to look at one of the pier fisherman with a nice battle going. As the Throttle goes forward and the Bow of the boat gently raises from the water I feel the power at my hands and drop the hammer. As I make a portside turn and bring the boat parallel to shore the Sea gulls are diving into my prop wash so I bring the throttle back and bring it down to trolling speed. As I start setting the flatlines with Rapalas and Thin fins, before I can even get the first rod in the holder the words fish-on ring loud and clear from one of the other crew. A beautiful spring Coho will soon be at hand. The smell of salmon on my hands and in the boat, again bring a soothing feelings to my soul. Spring will be here soon and I needed these thoughts.

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