Pete’s Beetle Fly Pattern

Pete's Beetle Fly Pattern

Pete’s Beetle Fly Pattern

Hook – standard dry
Size – #10 – #14
Thread – 6/0 uni-thread
Body – dark brown synthetic dubbing
Back – turkey quill, or hackle barbs
Hackle – brown furnace dry fly saddle

Comment: Thanks to Todd Lovas “The Toddfather”. Coming from a long line of fly fishing purists, the enclosed fly is a pattern, which was created by my Uncle Pete. Pete was the most skilled fly fisherman I have ever known. In family, we refer to this fly as “Pete’s Beatle”. Not the easiest to tie but do-able, and well worth the effort. The body is dubbed up in a cigar shape, sometimes made relatively flat by the prior addition of fibers (deer hair, moose mane, etc) to each side of the hook thereby giving it greater width. A Turkey quill, or dark fibers (mane or hackle) is used to create the shellback, one end of which is tied in after dubbing but before any hackle is wound. A long saddle hackle is prepared by stripping one side of the barbs away. The hackle is tied in at the bend of the hook, and drawn from the bend along the length of the fly side to the eye, fixing with a few wraps of thread before proceeding back to the bend in the same fashion. This procedure is repeated until the desired fullness of hackle is achieved. To complete, the remaining end of the turkey quill or fibers are tied down across the back of the fly and whip finished. Please try to submit a picture of the fly from the top, and side so as to impress upon the viewer the geometry of the finished product. I hope you like this productive little gem, there are very dammed few of these in existence, and to the best of my knowledge only fished by a few remaining members of my family. The enclosed fly is my best shot at duplicating the original. If you want to try a good terrestrial, drop one of these babies under an overhanging branch, or a grassy bank and watch the action start!

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