The Detroit River and it’s surrounding waters has to be the largest cornucopia of fish and fishing opportunities in the world. From checking my Michigan Outdoor News I find reports of anglers taking over limits of silver bass. Silver bass? The scourge of the spring walleye enthusiast, silver bass are very popular somewhere. It was reported that the DNR caught enough illegal fishers to confiscate over 900 silvers. Included in one report was the fact that the department would receive $5 for each illegally caught fish. That’s over $4500 for the state coffers in just a few weeks and I’m sure there were more busts than what was reported. They’re fun to catch but not at that price.

Now that they’re gone and the river is settling back to normal the walleye are biting again. Many catches have been made and there are also many throwbacks that will be legal in just a couple of months. While chasing the waldos my son that is jersey-less and a V1 swing software salesman encountered a different fish species just last week.

This is a 45” muskie caught on a walleye jig. Quite a surprise and a little disappointment for him since he didn’t get it on one of the baits he normally uses for these fish. Gary and Ben enjoyed the show.

Now it’s my turn. Just last Sunday we were out after some walleyes when I got a surprise.

Catching these fish is always fun but once they’re in the boat care must be taken as not to get injured or hurt the fish.

As we’re heading back for another drift, Jason says Bondy always says there are more than one musky in a spot so we switched over to Bondy baits. These things are big and bulky and hard to jig but there what the muskies want. Sure enough in almost the same spot I hooked the first one I got bit by another musky on the Bondy bait. After the strike I tried to set the hook but there was just slack in the line. Suddenly behind us we heard why, the musky was trashing around on the surface trying to dislodge the bait. Soon it was heading for Davey Jones’ locker, the slack was gone and the fight was on. This one was a little bigger than the first and not as cooperative, ending up flopping back in while I was trying to measure it.

We ended up with 2 walleye and 2 musky, quite a productive day. I just goes to show you no matter from boat or shore you never know what you can catch from the Detroit River.

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