Ice fishing for suspended bluegill

Ice fishing season is finally here.  First ice is a great time to get after the bluegills.

Bluegills won’t necessarily hang out by structure under the ice like they do in the summer. Many times they will be found suspended over the deeper parts of a lake in the winter.

Marine electronics is a great way not only to locate the fish,  but also to see what depth they are suspended and target them. Start by fishing 6-12″ above the fish and moving down through the pod that you have located. Vary the action from a dead stick to a Parkinson’s twice as I call it to see what gets them aggressive.

Don’t have electronics?  No problem. Setup over a known hole in your target lake and start fishing down in 6″ increments until you find them. Most of all, drill lots of holes.

Get your stuff together and get out there before it’s too late.

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