Detroit River Walleye Fishing


No not one of Bill Engvall’s jokes. This is important if you’re interested in catching walleyes this year. Yes it’s only March 20th, well before the normal walleye run. With this warm weather everything is early and the big walleyes are in the river. If you see these 2 signs you can be sure the walleyes are in. This is a pic of the buds falling off certain maple trees and the other sign is the forsythia bushes.

So maple buds and forsythia bushes are the things to watch for if you believe in the ground hog or granny from the Beverly Hillbillies. Granny was always predicting weather and other natural phenomenon by signs of nature. Over the last 10 years I’ve noticed the 2 signs whenever the fish were in. So over the weekend he (Lindberg Flash) took me out on the Queen’s side for a few drifts and we got these.

So don’t wait for the start of April to fish for Detroit River Walleye Fishing, they’re here now and won’t be here forever. Working close to the river also allows me another sign, the sweet smell of fish. Things are popping and many other fish are in the river to procreate along with the walleye. So get out and fish for some of the best tasting fish around. At $12 a pound this is the time to stock the freezer with the tasty delights. Remember it won’t be long for the silver death to arrive.

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