Detroit River Silver Bass

St. Walleye took me out last night for some walleye fishing. Like most outings with him it turned into something more than just a walleye trip. He knows where the walleye go much like a patron Saint knows where their charges are. So much so that even the Treasurer of the DWF uses his advice. On this trip, however, we got a new sign for fishing in the Detroit River. Thanks Wade.


The sign of:

The Silver Death

Yes the Detroit River Silver Bass are in officially ending the best walleye season in many years and according to Travis Hartman, who’s very involved in the walleye count determination for the state of Ohio, which has the lion’s share of the pie. Hopefully he’s right since he’s using scientific data to determine this and not some gossip spun by doomsdayers. At the DWF meeting, the data he showed had an increase in the walleye catch rate per hour of fishing. This has been going on since 1990 which was a low point after the hay days of the 80s. Since 2010 was such a good recruitment year the future looks to keep the same trend. But now we won’t know till next year. Unless of course you handline.


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