Caplis Fly Pattern

Caplis Fly Pattern

Caplis Fly Pattern

Hook – Mustad #94840 or #94833
Size – #10 – #18
Thread – black 6/0
Tail – red hackle fibers, tied short, one hook gap in length
Body – peacock herl
Wing – bleached elk hair, tied down, caddis style
Hackle – furnace

Comment – Designed by me and named after an old friend of mine by the name of Caplis who first introduced me to the sport of fly fishing in 1985.

It’s designed as an attractor pattern with multiple uses. It can be used for trout or panfish. It can be fished on lakes, rivers, or streams in both fast or still waters. It’s highly visible and a great floater.

Submitted by Tom Deschaine. For more information see MichiganDryFlies.

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