Bring It On Perch

Finally some cool temperatures are cooling the local waters and fishing is heating up. There were many reports already of perch limits coming from the lower river but I was skeptical. It seemed there were more skunks that limits. Now the water temps are in the 60s and the fish are gearing up for the long winter. The usual spots are producing from the Nicholson docks to Grassy Island, right across from Portofino, Mamajuda, and down to Celeron Island. The hardest part is finding the shiners and you need to call all the bait shops to find out who has them. Get the numbers from the bait shop link.

Typically I just use a spreader. If the fish aren’t hitting well you can switch to the Lindberg flashes method of a small spoon suspended on a bobber or a perch jigging spoon. Jerry Hinton the perch Champion from the DWF uses a special set up that can induce some bites. With this he can detect the lightest bites.

Another consideration is where your are fishing and what regulations you need to consider. If you fish with minnows make sure to keep your receipt to prove they are VHS free. If you have a Canadian license you’ll need to buy minnows in Canada and this entails many regulations that I don’t wish to get into. To get around the minnow issue you can try a perch jig. Slab Grabbers are good for this.

No minnows needed with these things but you still need to call in and tell the Queen you’re fishing in Canada.


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