A Spring Salmon Fishing Charter

By: Kirk Howes

Lake Huron Salmon FishingIt’s been close to thirty years since I last saw Leon fishing for anything that would bite on the Pine River, in Smiths Creek, Michigan.

Leon was an old guy who fished alone for suckers mostly, though he did show me how to fish stumps, for Rock Bass.

There have been many old guys, who graciously taught me their ways of hunting and fishing, I would run into them from time to time while growing up here in rural Michigan.

There never was a planned meeting; just an occasional “how are you doing”? All seemed far more knowledgeable than I, and I guess it was due to the years they had on me. Most of the “old guys” are long dead and when I embark on something new I try and remember them.

It is to them, I owe many happy days and nights, hunting and fishing.

They showed me the basic outdoor skills that are my foundation today.

Like Leon, I love to fish. I can’t always get to a good spot, and for that reason, I sometimes come home fishless. Despite the light creel, I still have fun. I watch the birds and ponder the future in relative peace and quiet.

Well… This trip is going to be different! Six guys on a Salmon Fishing charter boat all expecting to go home with giant fish. The kind of fish they will brag about for years. All looks well for us except for one thing. The weather is a little iffy. Well, all right, maybe it’s worse, but how do you stop six grown men from realizing their dream of MONSTER Lake Huron trout and salmon?

The alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. I get into the shower and like magic, coffee and scrambled eggs appear. The plan is for everyone to meet at our house and head to the charter boat for our 6:00 departure. The ride up consists of hunting and fishing “lies” that span our lifetimes. We are all ready for the day, we all dream of ” limits.”

The captain of Hogwash Charters, seems to be a pleasant man, his first-mate a High School student, readies the boat in the early dawn.

I marvel at the rods and lures neatly stowed around the boat.

As we head out the captain “Pat” informs me that we are cruising for baitfish, find them and you will find the salmon and trout.

The radio comes alive 15 minutes into the trip, another boat has a screamer on, 56 down, monkey puke and some other info that is foreign to me. Twenty minutes later, we hear more reports of even more fish. We are without fish for 11/2 hours. The captain is talking to his mate about some spot and we made way for it.

Twenty minutes later, fish on, and Kenny takes the first hook. To our relief he lands his first ever-chartered fish! It’s a fifteen pound King, and Ken’s smile tells us all he is a happy man.

Wham! Rod # 5 the planer board with a spoon picks up a nice King,

It’s Tom’s turn and halfway through, he asks for relief, I help him out and let him land the big King salmon.

Things were going good until around 1:30, when we tangled four lines. We passed over the honey hole, taking 5 fish and loosing another 4.

It was a really good trip and we are talking about hitting the fish once more. Maybe a perch charter? The guys seem to think that the salmon are a lot of work, and they are tough to boat.

Besides, on the perch charter we can bring our wives. For anyone interested you can book a charter with Hogwash charters by calling 1-800-359-5620 or 1-810-530-8145

They run a 32’ Chris Craft and serve 7 ports on Lake Huron.

I’ll be going again for sure, see you on the Lake.

Kirk Howes

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