Michigan Sportsman Decals

Put one on your truck, car, snowmobile, boat, shanty, ATV… today!

Payment is through PayPal using credit card or Paypal account balance only.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
Paypal is the preferred method for payment on Ebay on other sites and is well trusted and secure.

Select the Color, Pattern, and Size of desired decal. Then type in your name or “screen name” as you wish it to appear under the sticker.
The name or “screen name” will replace the “pattern name” currently shown under the decal samples above.

The designs are shown in black and white. The black portion of the design is the color of the vinyl that you order.
The white portion of the design is actually REMOVED from the decal. The lettering and the graphic will end up being whatever color the substrate
is that you apply the decal to. (see sample picture at the top of the ordering page)

If you are placing the decal on a tinted window, you’re probably better off ordering a light colored vinyl.
If the decal is going on a light surface, a darker colored vinyl would probably be better.
This allows for more contrast between the vinyl of the decal and the color of the substrate.

Color –


Pattern –


Size –


Screen Name
(to appear under decal) –