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Limit on the Saginaw Bay

Limit on the Saginaw Bay

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Well I think I got that one eye or both eyes open thing worked out ( by the way THANKS for everyones responses and advise ) Saturday on the Saginaw Bay the birds were every where, just dropping out of the sky right into the decoys and that means I got my first limit of the year, and I have to tell you it was FUN. Everything just seemed to click.

Oh yeah one more thing I wanted to tell you about, sometime that morning my buddy and I saw a really cool site, something I have only seen on T.V. when we noticed some ducks flying over we just kept looking skyward because they did not stop, I mean it was a massive size flock, if I had to bet I would say it was well over 2000 ducks. We were in so much awe that when we were looking skyward at that flock six Buffleheads were coming right into the decoys and we did not even get a shot off.

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