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  1. View attachment 474495 View attachment 474497 View attachment 474499 In a 14 year stretch starting in the late nineties, I shot over 350 woodchucks (aka groundhogs) on several different farms not far from my home. During that time, it seemed like those things were everywhere you looked and I found it to be a relatively cheap and useful means of having fun. I usually started in the first week of May and the action lasted most of the summer until the crops got too high. Not only did I help those farmers out in controlling these pests, but this activity kept me proficient with my marksmanship. Accurate rifle shooting, like anything else, is a perishable skill over time if you don't keep in practice. Whenever you get good at hitting a small woodchuck at long range, a deer or coyote is no contest. .223 and 22-250 were my calibers of choice. I would sometimes shoot from different positions but I always used my own homemade rifle rests, no matter what. I didn't like the store-bought varieties. How and where I set up all depended on the lay of the land and how far out I could see at the time. Woodchucks have very good eyesight and are nervous little critters that dive into a hole in a hurry if they see you. Then too, the abundance of food in the area and the amount of time I had to wait them out were also deciding factors that came into play. Woodchuck hunting is usually a long waiting game so you have to be a patient person, especially in late summer. In the spring and early summer, they come out of their dens to feed more often, especially the females with pups. I found it to be a fun hobby for a lot of years. HUNTING aiming with DPGunrest.jpg