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  1. She shed/he hut

    For sale: custom and designed shacks.

    Fish in it Dec to March, host intimate tea parties the rest of the year.

    These Ice huts are an attractive SheShed most of the year but the envy of the lake in winter.

    Light weight: All cedar structure, aluminum cladding, plastic base plate.

    Winter warm: Sealed exterior, 1.5” insulation, propane stove,

    Long life: Plastic ground contacts, cedar structure, rust proofed assembly hardware, waterproofed upholstery.

    Spacious and Attractive: barn style roof line, select grade floor,

    Comfortable: 3 inch cushion benches, 6’ 6” peak

    Three standard design configurations:

    3 person: 3 seats on 1 bench: 4’ by 7’ (from $1600)

    6 person: U shaped bench, 7’ by 8’ (from $2200)

    10 person party hut: 2 long benches, 8’ by 10’ (from $2900)

    These listed base prices include the hut, propane heater and lamp. Front picture window, Back tip out window, Vent, Locking door, 2 shelves. Required markings. Fishing sticks and tippers. Emergency kit.

    Deluxe package includes all you need and a 1 time setup ($1200)

    -ice auger

    -light weight sled

    -20lb propane filled

    -ice chipper, shovel, slush scoop and squeegee

    -2 rigged sticks for each seat


    -installation (1 time breakdown installed on South lake Simcoe or Scugog within 1 week of safe ice, pinned GPS location, photos and key provided, alternate locations upon request).

    Additional options (whole shebang listed below for $1600 individual pricing on request):

    -12V solar recharged electrical system

    -Removable central table with integrated icebox

    -Distributed LED stip lighting

    -Circulation fans

    -Exhaust fan

    -Bluetooth enabled AM/FM stereo sound system

    -Motion sensor exterior lighting

    -Piped in bulk propane system to light and heater

    -Front bay window

    -Integrated tippers

    -Submersible camera (Fish TV)

    -Sonar depth finder (Fish Finder).

    With 40 years of hut building experience we build huts that are functional and lasting. Attention to detail and efficient use of space make this a place you want to hang out in all seasons. Is it for him or for her? A great Christmas present the whole family can enjoy.

    Prices listed are in $Canadian

    Contact [email protected]

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