To All Michigan Hunters

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To All Michigan Hunters:

I have lived in Michigan for the past 30 years, and then at the end of 2015, my family and I moved to North Carolina for about two years. During those two years, I missed Michigan a lot but because NC was also a state that produces good hunting, I've met a couple friends who also loved to hunt and they took me on a couple hunting trips. One of them took me on a hog hunting trip and we got 3 hogs. He shot all three of them but I didn't see any because that was my very first hog hunting trip and I was an inexperience hog hunter.

At the end of August 2017, my family and I moved back to Michigan and I got back with some of my very good friends; and again, that deer hunting season, we went back to some of our favorite spots and we hunted like that was going to be our very last hunting trip. Out of my 20 plus years hunting, I have never seen so many deer before because we hadn't hunted there for a couple of years. Last season, we went back and again, I saw just as many deer as the season before. And then at the end of last summer, one of my very closed friends moved away and we missed him so much... things were never the same again without him.

This past October of 2019, my family and I again moved out of Michigan to California... one of the most liberal states when it comes to gun laws. Don't ask me why, it's complicated! When we got here in California, everything was just so dead brown, dried, windy, dusty, and dirty. I missed my friends so much. I cried like a baby everyday for about two weeks. As Michigan's 2019 hunting season approaches, I was so hurt and heart broken. Everyday, I would Facebook message or text my friends back in MI just to see what they're up too. I have never felt like this before... At times, I thought I might be going into 'depression'.

Now that MI's hunting season is underway, I am longing for MI even more and my heart skips beats seeing what my friends are posting on FB. I miss MI so much: the green grass, the rain, the cool breeze, the fall color, the naked trees, the cold, the snow, etc... believe me, even the potholes! MI, I will one day come back to you. There is no other states like MI... I love it!

Good luck to you all my Michigan hunters and be safe out there. Please look out for one another so everyone can return home to his loved ones. God bless!
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