Yet another rod holder question!

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by cmatts12, May 14, 2016.

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    When I bought my Lund it came with Ram cradle style holders in Ram mounts attached to my Lund Sport Trac rail. I've got by with these while walleye trolling but want to go to the rocket launcher style to prevent the rod handles from protruding back into the fishing area of the boat. I see Scotty makes a rocket launcher that goes into a similar base as the Ram base that I already have. My question is wether anybody can tell me if the Scotty rocket launcher will fit into the Ram mount? I could buy the Scotty mount as well and be sure of it but I could save some money if I could just use the ram mounts I already have installed. I can't find any near me to actually put my hands on to see exactly what it looks like and I completely lost the guy at Jay's I was talking to about it so I figured I come here for help. Thanks.
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    You can use your ram's and not have the rod handles protrude into the boat. put the lock collar snapped into place. Put your rods into the ram's with the reel hanging out past the end of the ram. Just like a tube holder. I do this a lot and have not had any problems. If fishing in bad conditions, use the ram's as intended. More secure and you don't have to reach over the side of the boat to extract/install the rods.
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