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    Needed to take every rod out of the rod locker to do a little wiring on the boat. In doing so I noticed a trend I wasn't aware was happening. Of the 12 rods I took out of the locker, 8 had body baits on them. Every darn body bait, from pike/muskie sized 1 5/8 oz baits to deep diving cranks to little shallow running panfish sized baits was some form of X-Rap. Then it occurred to me I could count on one hand the times I fished a Husky Jerk, balsa rap or other old stand by this year. Might have to have a garage sale of hundreds of neglected baits. LOL

    Anyone else becoming an X-Rap fanatic?
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    I think it has been known for some time that many of us get used to a particular lure or type of lure because we have had good success and the more we use the bait the more we learn the techniques that work and our success rate goes up.
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