Wyoming researchers discovered a mule deer migration almost 100 miles longer than the previous recor

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    In 2016, researchers with the University of Wyoming placed 40 collars on deer in the Red Desert and then watched as the animals wandered their through greener grass.

    Most of them stopped in the northwest corner of the state until cooler weather and snow would push them back down to the desert.

    Except one deer. Doe number 255 – as named by her GPS — didn’t stop in the gentle valleys of the Hoback. She continued north, climbing up and over the Gros Ventre Range, dropping down into Jackson Hole, walking around Jackson Lake and up and over the foothills of the Tetons, sliding west into Idaho and ultimately landing in the relatively lush region of Island Park, Idaho.

    Biologists watched in awe at her progress, wondering where she was headed and if she would come back.

    Then her collar died.

    She had traveled almost 250 miles, said Matt Kauffman, leader of the Wyoming Migration Initiative and the USGS Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit at the University of Wyoming.

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    Thank you for posting. Very interesting and well worth clicking on the read more.
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