Wonderful Steel/Salmon rod

Discussion in 'Center Pin Fishing' started by jeepgod, Sep 11, 2020.

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    Just wanted to put this out there for the guys who like to save cash.

    I'm an avid and dedicated river guy strictly steel, salmon, trout and I go through a lot of equipment(mostly due to my stupidity) so I take that opportunity to try different things and I have a really good quality rod that I picked up a while back and it handles awesome, has nice quality eyelets that can withstand braid but I use one as a dedicated centerpin and it is perfect for just about any river conditions except for obvious areas.

    Buzz Ramsey Air Rod complex matrix 10' 9". Works awesome for centerpin or spincasting and come in plenty of lengths to accommodate different styles.

    They are generally under $100 and are worth every penny.

    Just saying. I don't benefit from saying any of this in any way but it really is a good river rod.
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    I have three. I second that notion. Been fishing my 10.5’ rods for years. Even used them for flat line trolling on Lake Huron steel. Great rods.