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Will the NRC stand by PA 1187 mandate on sound science?

Discussion in '' started by Rooster Cogburn, Feb 13, 2017.

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    The first test to see whether or not the NRC will honor the authority given them over Michigan's fish & wildlife...and allocate 2017 bear harvest tags based on the Wildlife Division's recommendation....or, will they opt to play politics and use the excuse of "social science" to increase kill tags beyond the recommendation?

    Hoping they will honor their obligation, but if they don't...then all the effort we put in circulating petitions that led to legislation trusting them to manage using the best sound science will violate the legislative act, and PA 1187 will be degraded into just another Proposal G. TOOTHLESS!

    Should this happen maybe it would be time to pursue legislation to make some changes.

    Months ago I was told by a friend who had NRC chairman Matonich as a guest for dinner that the chairman stated he supported NRC Commissioner J.R. Richardson in pushing for an increase in bear harvest tags in the Bergland unit because Richardson told him he had lots of bears on his trail cameras around his camp. Apparently, that carried more weight than the Wildlife Division's data. If this is how the NRC is going to manage....we don't need to fund the Wildlife Divison's bear management we can just allocate kill tags based on what Richardson's trail cameras turn up.
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