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    Grand Rapids MI
    I have 3 fly rods an 8wt, 9wt and 5 wt. I fish for salmon and steelhead in the spring and fall. This is my favorite, what I spend the most time doing, and what really got me back into fly fishing after only doing it for bluegills when I was really young. In the summer I do a lot of pike/musky and smallmouth bass fishing and over the last year I have really started to get into trout. So all this to say I have 3 reel rod combos all in need of new line. So I would like to get a Floating line and sinktip line 9wt that would be good for Salmon/steelhead and pike and musky (also hoping to get my first carp this summer). And then the third a 5 wt that will double for trout and smallmouth. One last thing I am looking exclusively at rio fly lines because a friend can get me a 60% discount. Thanks so much for any info.
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    For the sink tip the Outbound short full sink is amazing. Tried the SA version and a few others didn't care for them. But the OBS depending on how deep you wanna go is the ticket.

    I'd go with the Rio Gold for the 5 wt.

    Not sure if you've cast really lines with a short heavy head before. They make a big nasty that's made to turn over big musky/pike flies. At 60% off its worth a try although the short heavy heads take some getting use to. I tried the Airflo Tropical punch which is similar and didn't care for it at all. Might be have to try it with a OBS floater one of these days.