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When it comes to Ontario.....

Discussion in '' started by HTC, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Chromelander


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    I can see that if your 100% sure you know where the bear will come from. But they can also come in from anywhere no matter the wind.
  2. Callinalldeer


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    Chipman, New Brunswick Canada
    Generally,a mature bear will come in down wind unless their's an obstacle that prevents it,like a lake, road,or a clear cut etc.. Myself,I prefer to set up cross wind and deter the bear from coming in down wind.
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  3. shadowmagoo


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    Anyone still looking for a hunt this year, check us out at Happy Camp Ontario, hope you choose to come and Catch the Good Life with Us, take care!!
  4. miforest


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    I went with rick Dickson last year. we had 3 hunters and 1 tag along. All 3 hunters got bears. My son got a bear that was 340 lbs. He snapped an empty chamber on a bigger one before this one came in. My bear was only 140, but the hide was beautiful and I got a nice rug made by nancy. The other hunter got a 175lb bear, He saw a bigger one and 2 smaller ones. I saw other hunters there and they got some BIG bears. Saw several over 400 lbs skinned at his headquarters.
    The trade off is , Rick runs a lot of territory and does not work from a central lodge.
    He cannot offer the service a central lodge can because his territory is so big and the hunters spread out, be all our real needs were met. the up side of this is that was a great area, The success of our and the other groups there when we were there was excellent. The bears were big, no , Really big. and there seemed to be a lot of them.
    I would call the hunt semi guided, but that was the way we wanted it. I thought it was well worth the money. Ricks guide helped us when ever we needed it. Hunts out a lodge offer better accommodations but are more money.
    I will say that my son and his friend were 21 years old, but we are all comfortable in the woods.
    We took a boat and fished after getting the bears. Good luck if you go . I think Ontario bear hunting is underrated. It's a real big game hunt in a wilderness setting. Take an ATV if you have it . take some trail cams too. The tree stands were permanent and some were older. We had brought our own , so we could adjust locations easily.
    The people in wawa were friendly.
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